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When you have a worry about your heart and you need to get it sorted quicker than the system allows you, then sometimes you need to arrange to meet an expert cardiologist sooner than can ordinarily be arranged.

If that’s the case for you and you need to get control of the situation, then you can arrange to meet me privately at the Nuffield Hospital in York so that I can carefully listen to what’s been troubling you and ask you the questions that help me to better understand the nature of your problem.

I can then examine you to assess how well your heart functions and organise the cardiological investigations that are needed to thoroughly evaluate your cardiac system, so that I can give you an informed, expert opinion on your problem.

If you need any treatment, then I can discuss the options with you and make the necessary arrangements to manage your heart in the best way for you as possible.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to discuss your situation with an expert and now if you just want to talk through your situation and your feelings with a consultant cardiologist, then you can now arrange a telephone consultation with me to help you better understand your problems and help you to develop a sense of certainty about the way forward.

I work in York and so if you want to talk to me, without needing to travel to York, then just click the green button on the right and arrange a telephone call with me at a time that suits you.

I work as a consultant cardiologist at York District Hospital and then see patients privately at the Nuffield Hospital in York. However, some people want to meet me but it’s not always convenient for them to travel to York.

So, for that reason, I am using modern technology to help you to talk to me face to face by using web cameras for us to hold a consultation to help me discuss your problem with you and better understand what is going on with you.

Obviously, I wont be able to examine you or organise any investigations, but I will be able to help you understand what is happening to you and explain what people are doing for you.

So, if you want to arrange a virtual face to face meeting, simply click the green button on the right of the screen to schedule your meeting today.

If you’re worried that you have an irregular heart beat or “arrhythmia”, then you can book a heart beat monitoring service from me, so that I can assess your heart beat and let you know whether or not you do have a problem with your heart beat, and so that we can discuss what can be done about it.

You can book a 24 hour heart monitor patch with follow-up results call (UK only) by clicking here

You can book a 7 day heart monitor patch with follow-up results (UK Only) by clicking here

You can book a 14 day heart monitor patch with follow-up results call (UK only) by clicking here

This service includes an initial 10 minute consultation with Dr Gupta via phone or video call, the heart monitor patch (posted to your UK address) and a 20-minute follow-up call to discuss the results.